Articulated robots

Articulated robots are robots that have multiple joints and can move in multiple directions. They are typically used in industrial applications, such as welding, painting, and assembly. They are also used in medical applications, such as surgery and rehabilitation. Articulated robots are typically programmed using a combination of software and hardware, and can be programmed to perform complex tasks.
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Recently Added Suppliers
Mild Steel Yasaka YS20-1800-H 6 Axis Material Handling Robot
Mech- Squad from Mohali

Mild Steel Yasaka YS20-1800-H 6 Axis Material Handling Robot .

800000.00 784000

per Piece

Articulated robot / 6-axis / handling / compact
YASKAWA Europe GmbH from

The MotoMINI is a small and fast handling robot expecially designed for handling and assembly of sma.

articulated robot / 6-axis / high-speed / collaborative
Stäubli Robotics from

TX2 robots: redefining performance by offering collaborative safety and high performance in a single.

articulated robot / 6-axis / for welding / short cycle time
Panasonic Robot & Welding from

Panasonic Robot & Welding presents the new TAWERS Super Active Wire Pro.

articulated robot / 6-axis / arc welding / industrial
Panasonic Industrial, Robot & Welding from

This robot, equipped with a welding power source, has high-speed and a prof.

loading robot / articulated / for the food industry
Velec Systems from Bondues

Highly flexible and versatile machine – Load all types of sausages: soft.