Robotic tool changer

A robotic tool changer is a mechanism for quickly exchanging tools on a robot. This technology enables advanced manufacturing processes in a range of industrial sectors, with applications ranging from machine tending or de-burring parts to welding and painting tasks. While most robotic tool changers are designed to be compatible with specific brands of robots and controllers, there are universal models available as well. Robotic tool changers can be pre-programmed or configured to connect different types and shapes of end-of-arm-tools (EOAT), and range in capacity from 2 - 8 tools simultaneously.

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robotic tool changer / manual
DAB Technology Pte. Ltd. from

Description With integrated air feed-through (hoseless connection possible).

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The QCX quick changer from Gimatic features two components supplied which i.

robotic tool changer / automatic / horizontal
AMTRU from

The Tool changing system Tool-Changer 200 provides a complete system of matching components for the .

robotic tool changer / automatic
STÄUBLI Connectors from

The tool changer series for heavy duty applications is built around a stron.

robotic tool changer
CTC Analytics from

The PAL RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical (r)evolution of the suc.